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King's Ransom

King's Ransom

Taxonomy, previously known as King’s Ransom, began producing & DJing in 2008, while busy immersing himself in house culture for years in SoCal, NorCal, and mysterious lands in between. In the process, he’s gained a consuming interest & ongoing romance with production & underground dance culture.

The ball has kept rolling fast since the beginning, with the creation of Mother Records in 2010, Mother’s subsequent first release of King’s Ransom & Mountaincount’s “Sibling Rivalry EP” in 2012, and a constant rotation of performances all over California since 2009.

Taxonomy makes soundsystem music drawing from deep house, tech house, hip-hop and funk influences. His most immersive project to date has been his constantly-evolving live setup, which he designs meticulously and rehauls nearly every show.

King’s Ransom is currently in the process of writing his book Party Ethics, a tome which illuminates the roles, responsibilities, joys, and considerations one takes on within the dance music experience.

“Keep the party aliveā€¦ Beware the antivibe.”