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Straight Girl Comes Out

19 June 2013

This raunchy trio of remixes bursts out of the gate with a playful re-rub from San Francisco-based tech-house producer Mountaincount (A.K.A. Taylor Harrison). The extra-large head-honcho of the Bay Area’s Mother crew maintains the original tune’s balance of naughty and nice, deftly pairing the song’s sinister melodies with a thrusting, bouncy drive. A lurching bassline hums beneath intricate percussion work, while processed instrumentals pluck away in counterpoint with Glitterus’ provocative vocal play.

Next up is a “Wemix” from Wentworth (A.K.A. Joe Gray), another producer from the Mother stable. Wentworth embraces the dark side on his edit, stripping out most of the source material’s vocal work in favor of haunting chords and heavy kicks. True to form, Gray delivers plenty of punch in his percussive do-over, channeling the grim simplicity of way-past-midnight industrial techno into coital union with Hussyclub’s dark, throbbing electroklash.

Ian Bender rounds out this tantalizing triptych with a sensual adventure clocking in at over seven minutes. The SF-based youngster builds things slowly, starting with a brooding intro that morphs into an acid-inflected electro odyssey near the tune’s halfway point. Bits of Glitterus’ vocals pepper the proceedings, while squelching synth lines vibrate the listener’s eardrums to climax.

Available for download 6/14/2013

Buff-tip Compilation EP

11 September 2012

NEW MUSIC FROM THE MOTHERLAND! Check out this brand new compilation EP from Mountaincount, King’s Ransom, Wentworth, and Nil. It’s called Buff-tip, and it’s just a small sampling of the crazy tunes you’re bound to hear at our upcoming event, Lighthouse, at Raven Bar. Stream it now, download it later, and stay tuned for more news.

Mountaincount – Milken Boogie

9 May 2012

From the deep, dark recesses of Mountaincount’s production archive comes a free release. Milken Boogie starts spacey and swirling before charging full steam ahead into a big wobbly bass of a boogie beat. Mountaincount has been opening sets with this track for a while now, waiting for the perfect moment to release it to into the wild. Now, a hard drive crash later, there is no choice, but to share this dusty track in all it’s “so 2011″ glory. Enjoy!

Released by: Mother Records
Release/catalogue number: 002
Release date: May 9, 2012

King’s Ransom & Mountaincount – Sibling Rivalry EP

7 March 2012
Sibling Rivalry EP

King’s Ransom & Mountaincount start off the proceedings for Mother Recordings with their blistering Sibling Rivalry EP. Mountaincount turns bluesy guitar samples into fire on “Brood”, a stomping yet lush track with a bass that has already proven its worth on the dancefloor. And King’s Ransom follows with “Vibes”, a woozy, bass-heavy track that fits freaky percussion, vocal snips, and some serious vibes together, just like clockwork.

MOTHER01, released 7 March 2012.

Release/catalogue number: MOTHER01
Release date: Mar 7, 2012